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Hi, my name is Mars of the blog Montessori on Mars, a former Montessori pre-school teacher and school owner; now a mother forever.

I always feel that Montessori is a wonderful gift that was given to me which I, in turn, give to my daughter. But while I'm grateful for it everyday, while it has eternally changed my life and view of the universe; like any other thing, it is not without its challenges.

Sometimes the challenge is how to start; sometimes how to stop (getting yet another basket or tray, for example--#MontessoriAddicts). And wherever we are in our Montessori journeys, there are bound to be days when we'd find ourselves needing more motivation than usual. Sometimes we need to consciously tell ourselves keep at it, keep on going, carry on--in my case I say, Montessori On--and suddenly Montessori on Mars became more than just a little play of words or a nice little acronym M.O.M when I became a mom--it became a sort of mantra--"Montessori on, Mars! Montessori On!" So Montessori On, (insert your name here)! And whether you're just starting with Montessori or you're a seasoned Montessorian--or wherever you are in the Montessori spectrum--let's motivate each other! Join me over at Instagram for a community project to #Montessori_On, to start and/or carry on with our Montessori efforts. Follow for more details.

For us here in the Philippines, a challenge is to get hold of authentic Montessori materials. But carry on with our Montessori efforts, Montessori On! I partnered with a local manufacturer of Montessori materials (who supplies to Montessori schools in the Philippines, around Asia, Europe, and USA) and I'm committed to help Filipino families experience the beautiful and purposeful Montessori materials through the store here--and we can also connect over at

I also share our Montessori life and Cosmic Education (a brilliant Montessori concept) on my blog Montessori on MarsFacebook and @montessorionmars on Instagram (like and follow us for more of our Montessori and for store updates).

I can talk about Montessori all day, to be honest. And if you want to catch my Montessori talks and presentations, do follow me over at Facebook and Instagram for schedule and registration announcements.

If you want to reach me, for anything, please email me at

Let's Montessori together! Let's #Montessori_On!

With much enthusiasm,