Part of the efforts of Montessori on Mars to help bring the life-changing philosophy and principles of Montessori to more families and children is making the beautiful and purposeful materials accessible to more Filipino homes. So you and your family can start and/or carry on with your Montessori work. So we can #Montessori_On.

And it's always exciting when a child meets a material for the first time, or when he works on it repeatedly towards mastery, when you see his fascination in exploring and discovering and his joy in doing something by himself. There's wonder, marvel--in the child's relationship with the materials and his work.

There's beauty, logic, purpose in every material--each specifically and scientifically-designed to embody the Montessori principles of "learning through the senses", movement, freedom, concentration, order, self-education, and independence.

For now, we ship only within the Philippines.